• interior silo and tank cleaning

state-of-the-art food and chemicals washing technology

There are two physically separate systems for the interior cleaning of truck silos and tanks, each with 4 spray heads, as well as drying and steam vapour units.

We can wash and clean several vehicles simultaneously thanks to our flexible and motivated team, the use of state-of-the art, eco-friendly washing technology and high-quality cleaning products.


  • SQAS
  • Halal cleaning
  • Kosher cleaning

We have two physically separate systems for truck silo and tank cleaning, each with 4 spray heads and steam vapour/ drying units. We have SQAS, HGF/ HACCP, kosher and halal certification and issue the relevant cleaning certificates and documents.

interior silo and tank cleaningprices upon request
Chemicals etc.
Cleaning additive as per certification specifications
Food cleaning agent
Aluminium cleaning agent