• Truck wash services


PS Truck Wash provides a range of eco-friendly and high-quality exterior and interior washing and cleaning services for all types of trucks and trailers. The independent Paul Schockemöhle Logistics Group subsidiary operates multiple gantry style wash systems.

We can wash any commercial vehicle on Germany’s roads without a problem, including coaches, articulated buses, motorhomes and many other vehicles.

Exterior wash

Our gantry style wash systems are equipped with a combination of pre-soak arch, undercarriage washing unit, pressure jets and gantry units for effective exterior wash results.

Interior cleaning of trailers and refrigerated trailers

We can wash and clean several vehicles simultaneously thanks to a flexible and motivated team, and the use of state-of-the art, eco-friendly washing technology with high-quality cleaning products.

Interior cleaning of truck silos and tanks

There are two physically separate systems for the interior cleaning of truck silos and tanks, each with 4 spray heads, as well as drying and steam vapour units.

Container cleaning

You can request our professional cleaning service for stainless steel and polyethylene IBCs of any size. When the IBC has been cleaned, you are issued an ECD (European Cleaning Document).

we reward regular customers!

Every time you wash your vehicle we stamp your reward card.
Collect at least 10 stamps to redeem a reward.